Caroline Denby

Artist statement Reflective of the artist’s highly mobile upbringing, the works are influenced and constructed from an amalgamation of living across cultures. The collection is constructed of layers that question and compare the boundaries of what is considered ‘cultural hybridity’ verses ‘cultural identity’. Exploring the current state of redefinition in our global climate of rapid cultural transference and increased interconnectivity, the artist uses mixed media to explore themes of cross-cultural hybridity in a globalising world. Laying in the liminal space between fantastical and nightmarish, the works bombard the viewer with conflicting multiplicities; Abandoned–overgrown, human–alien, location – dislocation. Conflicts, which are being increasingly felt by individuals, as they find themselves, cast ‘in-between’ the cultural binaries. Subtle hints of familiarity within the works allow it’s identity to exist but never be fully accepted as being part of the norm, lending to those that are increasingly being cast into the ‘third space’. This concept is applied to the work as a visual abstract response to this theory. Easily deconstructed and reconstructed in various compositions, allow dialogues to be created between the works and the environment they are constructed in. Responding to the rapid rate of migration, globalisation, the process of adaptation, relocation and integration are an important part of our ‘Everyday’, which is highly reflective of the artist’s practice and others alike, that don’t have a fixed country of origin. They are neither from their birth culture, their first culture, nor their parents as a second culture.Therefore, they sit in a kind of ‘third space’.