Bradley Evans

Brad’s approach to art is always self motivated, channelling deep personal emotions and viewpoints. In the case of SHIFT, his art questions social views of how the world works and what we think. By reading philosophy and psychology books, his work questions themes of vanity, exploring social deterioration as a result of excessive self-adoration. Narcissism defines a person who is in love with themselves, resulting in the ultimate destruction of themselves and those around them. Brad’s work attempts to recreate the effects and emotions of both the narcissist and those in his presence. He has devised a character that forms a part of his narcissistic personality, creating self portraits that exaggerate his state of mind and social ideas.


Often symbolic, his work references themes of classical painting and sculpture, rethinking traditionalist conventions by means of 21st century technologies and style. Fundamentally film is an engaging, realistic art form that supplies and retrieves emotion through viewer interaction. As film lies in the core of his work, the viewer engages my presence in a way that is intimate and forcefully understandable.