Eleanor Mason

Eleanor’s work concludes a project that she has been developing since second year, Three Graphite Drawings, in which each year 3 new graphite drawings of natural imagery are created as the basis for her final pieces. These patterns are screen printed and tessellated endlessly to create the materials that form the final sculpture or installation. Her work often investigates the potential involvement of the viewer with art, exploring interactive aspects and all-consuming spaces; through this avenue she has created pieces that the viewer is invited to change through physical interaction, sometimes challenging the viewer to act in a ‘destructive’ manner.

Over the course of 3 years the style of her final set of drawings has developed, from those that looked more contemporary in second year, to the present set, of a more romantic and traditional feel. This development has encouraged her to print onto less conventional materials in an attempt to juxtapose and balance the romantic imagery with more industrial or synthetic materials. Subsequently, there is an interesting dialogue developing between the artwork and the material, and how the two will function and interact together.