Megan Patten

Throughout history, through to modern society the changing female body has been represented as an image of desire, male fantasy and empowerment. Gender assumptions bind our views on the female nude and as attitudes change so does the way we regard women in the art form. “Object 1”, surrounds the idea of the grotesque, the caricature of the female body so often portrayed through the media. The unrealistic representation of the female nude infiltrates through all aspects of society from advertisement to aspirations, defining illusion as reality. Moving away from the natural form, identity and the female body can be regarded as two separate entities. The female body functions on its own whereas the identity of the female self cannot be identified without the female body. Megan’s work is sculptural, a play on media’s interpretation of women, a sexualised feminine object. In the same way the clay can be penetrated and manipulated so is represented the fragility of society, which can also can be altered in the same way.  Her work is a natural reaction to modern culture and what is fed to society through media’s views on the female body.