Katie Bass

As a painter, I work towards the idea of my paintings to display the desire to re-present imagery through a de-construction of the understanding of the representational and abstract features of an image. This is done through the consideration of colour and pattern as both enabling and preventing the signification of the representational. Most recently my work has taken images from modern culture, such as film stills, media coverage and magazine/newspaper imagery. These types of imagery that reflect everyday recognisable imagery, have become a valuable source to which I can work with. This is due to the use of recognisable imagery to underline difference to its expected form of signification, the spaces between abstraction, blocks of coloured space or object, background and ‘focal’ subject become confused and less identifiable as separates. My work often begins with pastel drawings on paper, considering the idea of the un-drawn and its affect upon the imagery. The images themselves only provide me with this recognisable imagery and my intention is not to enable or create a narrative within the work, if anything I feel the manipulation through painting is in restriction of this.