Kathryn Wilkinson

Katy’s work explores the aesthetic properties and visual transformations of man-made materials which have the potential to create imagery reminiscent of nature and natural occurrences – in particular her works have been likened to landscapes looked at from an aerial view or coral found at the bottom of the ocean. The works are both sculptural and painterly as she uses baking powder and modelling clay to create a three dimensional surface texture and then allows paints and inks to flow freely across the work’s surface as it lies on the floor, following whichever way the gravitational pull takes them. This imitates the way in which rivers and other natural scenarios have formed across the Earth’s surface and thus is what gives the works their appearance of landscapes, terrains and other natural habitats. In addition, due to the nature of the materials used, the works are quite fragile and will deteriorate with time, giving them an ephemeral quality. This further reflects the landscape of the Earth today as it is constantly changing due to either man-made problems such as global warming or natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis.