Jack Otway

Jack paints abstract situations. The orchestration of gesture across heavily refined surfaces underpins an active search for painterly and compositional invention. In a contemporary world where the act of looking is momentary and often forgettable, Jack strives for a rich aesthetic quality to inform a more intimate and engaged relationship between spectator and artwork. Within his decisively made acrylic paintings there is a sense of the incomprehensible. Investigating non-totalised notions of form and space provides a framework for invention. The painted surfaces that emerge elude recognition in existing languages of abstraction and attempt to pose the question- how can I describe that which I do not know, that which I have not seen?

For Jack, the painting process and its unique set of parameters provide opportunity for continual compositional assessment. Sensing ways forward through creative thought processes, it is always a painting’s data, it’s internal armature that motivates, provokes and causes change. In light of this, each painting appears self-referential. Where notions of form and content are never consolidated, gesture becomes form in so that it becomes a representation of nothing but itself. The journey of each brushstroke implies a passage of time- not a denomination but an experiential duration.