Ella-Rose Harrison

Ella-Rose uses found images and objects as the primary stimulus for her art making. Often gaining inspiration from the overwhelmingly sumptuous imagery of the media, she habitually makes collages from magazine cuttings as starting points for work. Objects and two-dimensional works are combined to create the sense of an aesthetic visual world being formed. These creations are thought of as shrine-like. Her work often references popular culture, fantasy, fandom, the bodily and women but ultimately her work is an amalgamation of considered selections. Using bright colours and textures, and usually returning to the colour pink, Ella-Rose uses a myriad of materials including gems, tinsel, glitter and paint to adorn her works to create an encrusted, light-reflecting surface. There is a sense of celebration to the work where the kitsch is irresistible but there is an irony to the shimmering façade.